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Cartoon - 6.7k GIF
The new vicar used to work on the railways.


Do church services everywhere start late? We have a 7pm service at our church and occasionally I stand at the front and welcome people. "Welcome," I want to say, "welcome to St James for our ten past seven service." And then people still continue to arrive until about eight o' clock!


Cartoon - 17k GIF
Taking the plate up was never the same after the Barn Dance in the church.


We really did have a barn dance in the church building once.


Cartoon - 15k GIF
So many baptisms, so little time.



We used this on the service sheet for a carol service.


Cartoon - 13k GIF
'Arry 'ad the wrong idea about the 'Ealing service.


The idea for this cartoon came from a healing service one Sunday evening, and the destination board on a bus I saw the next morning. I expect they thought of this joke in Ealing churches a long time ago.


Cartoon service
The cartoon service was a great success.


These are some of my favourite cartoon characters, so to give their creators the credit they deserve, thanks to: David Law and the Beano for Dennis the Menace and Gnasher; Matt Groening for the Simpsons; Charles Schultz for Charlie Brown and Snoopy; Carl Giles for Grandma Giles; Peattie and Taylor for Gary Bloke; Gary Larson for the Far Side caveman and cow; Carlos Ezquerra and 2000 AD for Judge Dredd; Hergé for Tintin and Captain Haddock; Hanna Barbera for Dick Dastardly and Muttley; Oliver Postgate for Noggin the Nog; John Ryan for Captain Pugwash; Bob Godfrey and Grange Calveley for the birds from Roobarb; Albert Uderzo and René Goscinny for Obelix and Asterix; and Walt Disney for Mickey Mouse. And you can just about see Rodney Rower's vest and shorts behind Asterix.


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