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Service leader cartoon
Later, by popular request, Mark led the youth service.


These cartoons used to appear on the church web site, along with an on line version of the annual report. One day I had an email from someone who said he'd used the cartoon in his own church's newsletter, and he hoped I didn't mind. For some reason he then went on to tell me at length that many people thought his village was in Somerset but actually it was in the next county, and although it was a small thing he felt quite strongly about it. I didn't comment on the geography but said no I didn't mind him using the cartoon and could he send me a copy of the newsletter. When it arrived I saw that he had changed the caption and then I found that I did mind quite a bit really.

So I wrote again and said please don't change the caption if you use my cartoons in future - it may not seem that way, but I put a lot of effort into these jokes, and although it's about as important as which county your village happens to be in, I do feel quite strongly about it.

My wife said, "For goodness sake, it's only a cartoon."


singalong cartoon
Very common worship.


Bit Anglican this one.


The danger of starting on time.


At St Nanook's of the North Pole.


We had this vicar who couldn't just say "the whole church throughout the world" - he had to add on "north, south, east and west" as though we didn't know where the rest of the world was. My first thought was that he was deliberately excluding the Midlands; my second thought was to come up with this cartoon.

I didn't have a third thought.




This shows the Rotring pen I use for drawing cartoons. Actually I draw them with a pencil first, then I get the Rotring pen out and spend 15 minutes washing out the old dried up ink, and then I ink over the pencil lines. I rub out the pencil and then mutter a lot because I haven't waited long enough for the ink to dry. So I scan the picture into the computer, and spend ages editing out the smeary marks. I fill in the grey shading with Photoshop and reduce the picture size for the internet. Is it all worth it?


Music group cartoon


When this one came out the vicar said he hoped that nobody in our church would ever give such an unChristian look to anyone; the organist said he hoped that nobody in our church would ever sing flat. I suspect they were both disappointed.


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