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Cartoon - 5.9k GIF
Moral: if your vicar is a practical joker who throws his voice, don't ask him to marry you.


I suppose if this did happen, it would at least be a change from the usual feeble joke in wedding services: "Does anyone present know etc etc? (Pause, silence) OK you can both relax nobody can stop you now ha ha."

One day I will redraw this one so that the bride looks like she's wearing a veil and not a blindfold.


Alien invader cartoon
The alien was very keen on lay ministry.


I was a reader in my previous church and when I tell people that now they look at me in a strange way and say, "Did that mean you had to be specially licensed to read the Bible in church?" As they say it, I can see them wondering, "No surely even the Church of England's rules can't be that daft," while simultaneously thinking, "Yes they probably can."


Cartoon - 6.7k GIF


This one got me into trouble.


Cartoon - 6.0k GIF
The temptation to cut preparation time was immense.


Cartoon - 10k GIF
The bishop thought that, perhaps, the organist should not kneel to pray.


Ministry has its hardships, and cartoon ministry is no different. While the rest of the church may notice that the organist has trodden on one of his pedals while leaving his seat, filling the building with a huge bass note at a time when the vicar has suggested "a few moments silence..." the man with the cartoon ministry is consumed - he finds that a strange part of his brain has gone into turbo mode and will not rest until it has refined an absolute barnstormer of a cracking joke. Then to his annoyance he forgets it on the way home and spends the rest of the week trying to remember it again. Eventually he is forced to give up and settle for second best (see left).


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