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Cartoon - 16k GIF
Another innocent victim of robe rage.


Despite being a founder member - or more accurately, the only member - of Readers Against Robes, I would miss them if they went - what would I find to laugh about?

But the men in white dressess with blue satin sashes - what would they miss? I shudder to think.


Cartoon - 6.0k GIF file
The Bishop resolved not to process over the heating vents in future.


I have to admit that this joke was inspired by a cartoon by Simon Jenkins in "When Clergymen Ruled the Earth" - now sadly out of print, but I picked up a copy second hand through Amazon. If you want to pay a lot of money to use this cartoon, I shall give half to Mr Jenkins (or more if he has a good lawyer).


Cartoon - 6.8k GIF
Bishops' nightmares don't come worse than this.


Nor do robes jokes. Must try harder.


Cartoon - 6.3k GIF
Changing on the beach is no problem for Bishops.


Bishop James Jones (right), now of Liverpool but then of Hull, came on our parish holiday once.

That kid with the sandcastle was flying an EU flag just to annoy people who didn't like Europe. To my knowledge, nobody was even mildly peeved.

Bishop James Jones

Cartoon - 26k GIF
No tent for your CYFA camp? Simply use your youth worker's baggy trousers!


Youth workers' baggy trousers are not exactly robes but I was fed up with putting cartoons in the "the rest" page.


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