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...and Roger - the parachute regiment chaplain.

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Father "Bo" Johnson was a curious mixture of the traditional and the bang-up-to-date.


My wife Gill is not keen on Father Johnson, which I think is a bit of a shame. He's an evangelical clergyman trapped in an anglo-catholic body, and once you understand that, you see, the jokes are much funnier.

OK, maybe she has a point.

This was the first Father Johnson cartoon. Before 1999 I drew one or two joke cartoons a year, and filled the remaining spaces in the church annual report with pictures of people and bits of building. But in 1999 Gill challenged me to draw 12 joke cartoons, and this was one of them. So Father Johnson is her fault really.


Father Johnson cartoon
Father Johnson didn't particularly like incense, but it did kill the whitefly in his greenhouse.


He turned up again in 2003 in this cartoon. It was inspired by my Dad, who used to have special smoke bombs that he would set off in his greenhouse in order to kill off the plagues of whitefly that infested his tomatoes and fuschias. As a teenager I longed to have my own greenhouse and my own whitefly to kill off with smoke bombs.

What I am unable to explain is the reason why Father Johnson completely changed his appearance in this cartoon. Perhaps he is a time lord and regenerates every so often - in which case he would be interested in the Dalek - invasion church cartoons.


Father Johnson cartoon
The bishop and Father Johnson had their wires crossed.


I spent ages trying to get that Vespa just right.

It's the Italian for wasp, you know.


Father Johnson cartoon
Father Johnson didn't think much of the cathedral's "no smoking in the building" policy.


Another incense joke. Can't stand the stuff myself.


It was Father Johnson's best silent retreat ever.


I don't understand silent retreats. People go away in large groups and then they don't talk to each other! If they're not going to say anything, why don't they go on their own?

I went on a silent retreat once and sneaked out to the car after an hour or two to listen to the cricket on the radio. But I didn't say anything so that was probably OK.


Father Johnson also crops up at the cricket.


Roger - the parachute regiment chaplain

Rogers first day
It was Roger's first day as a Parachute Regiment chaplain.


Roger's first day cartoon
It was Roger's first day as a Parachute Regiment chaplain.


What a terrible joke - even the caption is recycled.

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