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Cartoon - 11k GIF
The new church warden found the jargon difficult.


If a Church of England congregation wants to change its building it must first obtain permission from the diocese by following the faculty process. Happily you don't need a faculty for everything - the CofE helpfully tells you that (for example) there is no need to obtain a faculty when you replace the candles or buy a new lawn mower.


Cartoon - 26k GIF
The organ donor scheme had been a great success.


Is that my friend Gordon on the left?


Work day cartoon
The church wardens said, 'Dig a really deep ditch to expose the damp course.'


Church wardens report cartoon


We had this church warden who was more green than a lawn used for bowling, in Ireland, grown with organic grass. I did my bit to help her by using recycled jokes in my cartoons.


Cathedral shop cartoon


I was very pleased with this cartoon until I realised that nobody uses Access cards any more.

Cartoon Cartoon  

These cartoons were used at St James' Muswell Hill as a visual aid for a baptism service talk.

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