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Desert island cartoon
Day 72: At last! Someone to join Desert Island Alpha!


I have a book ("how to draw and sell cartoons" by Ross Thomson and Bill Hewison) that advises on page 15: "keep off desert islands, which have been done to death."

Unable to follow simple instructions, that's me. And I've never sold a single cartoon.


Desert island - arrival
8 Jan. Preached on Acts 27:27-44. Sermon appreciated, but visual aid less well received.


Oh, look it up: Acts 27:27-44.


Desert island - meeting


No comment on this one.


Desert island - baptism


These cartoons were produced for a 2006 calendar that I gave a few friends at Christmas. Dalek - invasion church was the following year's effort.


Desert island - palms
Palm Sunday was the highlight of the year.


more in the same vein...

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Desert island church by John Parker. Contact me via the about page.