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Cartoon - 5.3k GIF
Only one Dalek had become a Christian so far, and he had some way to go.


Here are a couple of Dalek cartoons that appeared in a church annual report. Besides being fond of Doctor Who, I think Daleks have wonderful comic potential. Somewhere in the car I have a Harry Hill tape in which he introduces a Dalek Shop Trio who sing "Oh Doctor I'm in trouble." Unfortunately the mention of the word "Doctor" sets them off, and they exterminate half the audience.


Cartoon - 6.7k GIF
Nobody had given such firm teaching on the Ten Commandments for a very long time.


You can tell I hadn't checked to see what a Dalek actually looked like before drawing these cartoons. The later ones are better.

Oh, and I should mention my indebtedness to the BBC and Terry Nation for coming up with Daleks in the first place. Here's a link to the Doctor Who website.


work day


These cartoons were drawn for a 2007 calendar for some friends from church. There's also a selection of Desert Island Church cartoons from the year before.


ordinary time


This is terribly Anglican. The CofE divides the year up into Advent, and Lent, and Sundays after Easter, and (bizarrely) Sundays after Trinity Sunday. At the end of this it still has some Sundays left over, so it calls them "ordinary time."


healing service
The healing service got off to a terrible start.


Daleks don't say much, but they do have a stock of good catch phrases.


After nine months, the Dalek Strategy Group was ready to report.


We had a Vision Strategy Group, which met for ages and ages before revealing its findings to a hushed and expectant church. I wondered what a Dalek would do if he ran such a project. Here is the predictable result.


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