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Library cartoon 

I'm not a big fan of Lent. Jesus didn't spend the days before Good Friday in the desert for 40 days and nights - he did that a long time before, at the start of his ministry. And while it's good to pray and study the Bible before Easter, shouldn't Christians be doing that every day of the year? And all that giving up eating chocolate or watching the telly or whatever - if those things are keeping you apart from God, shouldn't you give them up all the time?

Reader's voice: OK, OK, calm down.

Er, yes, sorry about that. Anyway, are the shelves empty because the librarian agrees with me and doesn't stock Lent books? Or have they all been (wait for it, wait for it...) lent?

And why did the library architect put a roof on it like a church? Can this cartoonist only draw one sort of roof?

Let's move on to the next cartoon.


Adam cartoon
Adam had to start naming the animals all over again.

Notice strategically placed plant to avoid controversy.

Notice also that Adam has no navel, for complete Biblical authenticity.


Cartoon - 6.0k GIF
Salivation through fête alone.

Kim Swithinbank, who used to be our vicar at St James Muswell Hill - has said that some of these jokes are "corny." I don't know what he means.


Cartoon - 6.7k GIF
After Acts 4:31

Here's the passage in context: Acts 4:23-31. I've always thought: wouldn't it be great to fill in an insurance claim form and write, under cause of damage, "We prayed, and God responded so powerfully that there was an earthquake."


Cartoon - 5.3k GIF
"Two Ways to Live" was always the highlight of the Red Apostles Evangelistic Display Team's show.

"Two ways to live" is a great way to explain the gospel. I'm fond of it because you draw six cartoons as you tell someone the story. You can also buy little "two ways to live" books, or you can see it on the Internet: two ways to live.

I tried to draw another cartoon with a man trimming his hedge to make a topiary two ways to live. But it just didn't look like convincing privet so I gave up. Sometimes you just can't win.


Cartoon - 12k GIF
The standard of parish lunch remains high.

The man in the foreground has a water glass too - or is he having white with the fish course and red with the meat?


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