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Cartoon - 14k GIF

A Christian friend used to give me, after each general synod meeting, a copy of a one-page summary of what had happened. And the church annual report would contain articles on the exciting goings-on at other, more local, synods. So why I drew this is a complete mystery.

If you don't know what a synod is, don't worry about it.


Cartoon - 10k GIF
Church wardens' wives are often affected like this.

Why is the church warden so flat? He is not making a dent in the pillow or a bump in the bedclothes.


Cartoon - 14k GIF
Elizabeth was always very careful to tell no-one that she was fasting.

I drew this one after somebody kept telling us how they were fasting about this and fasting about that - and Jesus says that to advertise our fasting is just a form of hypocrisy. The cartoon made no difference whatsover!


Cartoon - 10k GIF


Christingle cartoon
Robert thought the Guides had controlled the
Christingle monopoly for long enough.

When this cartoon first appeared I credited the Brownies with making the Christingles. My error was pointed out within minutes of the cartoon being published.


Cartoon - 26k GIF
The ups and downs of Pentecost.


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