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ZeptosThe copyright of the stuff on this web site is a bit complicated.

The easy part is that I drew all the cartoons and made up the jokes myself. Actually there are one or two that were inspired by other cartoonists and where I know I've done this, there's a note on the web site. I wrote all the text too, though you're probably not interested in that.

Where it gets more difficult is that I drew many of the cartoons for annual reports for the church I used to attend (St Paul's and St Luke's Finchley), and I made the copyright over to them.

The other cartoons, and the visual aids, are my copyright.

But you don't care about that - you're itching to click copy and paste and use them in your church newsletter / powerpoint presentation / best selling book of cartoons that everyone will buy everyone else this Christmas. OK, these are the conditions:

  • They may only be used by Christian churches.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, by "Christian churches" I mean churches who believe in the Holy Trinity: in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit; who believe that Jesus died on the Cross to pay the price of sin; and who believe that He rose from the dead to give all Christians the sure and certain hope of eternal life.
  • The publication - or presentation, or whatever the cartoon is used in - must be given away free of charge.
  • The origin of the cartoon must be acknowledged ("cartoon from www.desertislandchurch.co.uk"), either alongside the cartoon or elsewhere.
  • The cartoons must be used as they are, with no change to the image or the caption.
  • Please let me, John Parker, know if you use a cartoon. In most cases I will be able to send you a higher resolution copy of the picture than the one on the internet.

If you wish to do anything that falls outside any of these conditions, please get in touch. For example, if you want to use a cartoon in that best selling book, we'll need to agree a payment. The money will go to Christian mission causes - either at St James Muswell Hill - where I'm a member now - or at my previous church.


Desert island church by John Parker. Contact me via the about page.