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The Bible - this links you to the Bible Gateway, where you can read or listen to many different translations of God's word.

St James Muswell Hill - I'm a member of St James. Our aim is to live as Jesus lived, and love as Jesus loved. It's a great church - please drop in this Sunday at 6pm. Or 8am, or 9.30am, or 11.15am.

St Andrew and St John is a church in Mount Desert Island, in Maine in the United States. As they're a church, and I've pinched the desert island bit, I thought the least I could do was provide a link to their web site.

Cartoonchurch.com You know how at school there was always someone who could run faster, or sing better, or finish his maths homework quicker than you? Dave Walker draws funnier cartoons than me. And he's published several books of them. But I bet he's never won an award from the Concrete Society.

Ship of fools - edited by Simon Jenkins, author of "When Clergymen Walked the Earth," another fine book of cartoons. The web site teeters on the edge a bit at times.


Desert island church by John Parker. Contact me via the about page.