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Ephesians 6:10-20

This is a great passage, in which Paul reminds of us of the great gifts of God, and how they are a constant help to us in our lives as Christians. He uses a visual image that would have been familiar to the people he was writing to - the armour of a Roman soldier. And he links each piece of the armour to a gift of God:

  • belt of truth (v14)
  • breastplate of righteousness (v14)
  • gospel boots (v15)
  • shield of faith (v16)
  • helmet of salvation (v17)
  • sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God (v17)

...and finally, although Paul has run out of bits of armour by now, prayer (v18).

Here's a picture of a rather happy looking Roman soldier - whose name, incidentally, is Rodnus:

Rodnus Roman

You could copy this picture into a PowerPoint slide and project it onto a screen, and either point to the various bits of armour with a stick, or make labels appear on the screen at the appropriate points in the talk. Please don't make the labels spin round, jump about or rush in from one side of the screen - using this type of effect risks great harm being caused to your computer (by me, actually).

A rather more effective way of using Rodnus is to copy him onto a large sheet of paper - see the drawing huge pictures page for a few useful hints 'n' tips.

Now, the apostle Paul was using an image that was very familiar to his Ephesian readers - the image of a Roman soldier in armour - to convey great truths about the salvation that God offers, and the way it protects us from all sorts of assaults on our faith. And because of history lessons at school, and visits to museums and Roman remains, many of us are familiar with Roman armour too. But you could take a more modern picture, and use Paul's analogy on that. There are a couple of ideas on the road cones of faith page.


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