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Daniel 6:1-28

This is one of the best stories for kids in the Bible, partly because it involves lions - which are big and fierce and cats - but mainly because in it Daniel is rescued from certain death by the living God.

These pictures illustrate the story in Daniel 6. When I used them I drew them about 2 metres tall and had a giant flip chart to display them. (There's a hints 'n' tips page about drawing huge pictures.) I also gave out a handout afterwards for the children to colour in at home. You can download a pdf file, print it double sided and fold it in half.

Daniel and the satraps
This is Daniel and a couple of satraps. Actually there are 120 satraps altogether, appointed by King Darius the Mede as a kind of civil service to look after the kingdom. (The other 118 satraps are just out of the picture.) Daniel is one of three administrators, and is so good at his job that the king is thinking of making him the ruler over the whole kingdom - a sort of prime minister. This makes the other administrators and the satraps jealous, as you can see from the finely drawn expressions on their faces.

the king on the throne
Here's King Darius the Mede. In Daniel 6 he comes across as rather dim, because the jealous satraps set up Daniel - and Darius doesn't realise what's going on. Basically, they persuade Darius to pass a law saying that anyone who prays to any god or man, apart from the king, will be thrown into the lions' den.

Daniel prays to God
Daniel cannot obey this law, and goes up to his room, gets on his knees, and prays to the one true God. And the satraps catch him at it. They rush off to the king and tell him what they have seen. Darius is terribly upset about this because he does not want Daniel thrown to the lions. He tries to stop it happening, but the laws of the Medes and Persians cannot be repealed, and so Daniel is thrown into the lions' den.

In the lions' den
This is Daniel inside the lions' den. Please don't try this at home.

the king praises God
The king has a terrible night. He can't eat, and can't sleep, and in the morning he hurries down to the lions' den to find out what has happened to Daniel. To his immense relief Daniel tells him that God has sent an angel to shut the mouths of the lions. Daniel is released, the satraps become the lions' breakfast, and the king praises God:

For he is the living God
   and he endures for ever;
his kingdom will not be destroyed,
   his dominion will never end.
He rescues and he saves;
   he performs signs and wonders
   in the heavens and on the earth.
He has rescued Daniel
   from the power of the lions.


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