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Luke 15:11-24

This is a story based on the parable of the lost son - or the parable of the prodigal son, as the older translations of the Bible have it. I retold the story with a mouse - Arthur Strongo - in the role of the son, and a scientist mouse in the role of the father.

Arthur drinks a wonder fluid - called Strongo - developed by the scientist mouse, and it makes him the strongest mouse in the world. He goes off to London, and falls in with a bad crowd. But soon he is left poor and destitute and living in a tube station, between the tracks.

Eventually he comes to his senses and returns to the lab, where the scientist mouse welcomes him back with the biggest, smelliest packet of cheese in the whole lab, and a big party.

You can download a pdf version of the pictures. There are lots of them, and the powerpoint file has a bit more stuff in it - such as animations. If you want to use the pictures, please contact me. He is all my own work, so I shall say: Arthur Strongo is copyright © 2012 John Parker www.desertislandchurch.co.uk.

You can hear the story, and the talk that went with it, on the St James' Muswell Hill web site.

Arthur Strongo.

Outside the cheese shop
Here he is, falling in with bad friends, and hanging around outside the cheese shop.


The party when Arthur returns home.


Desert island church by John Parker. Contact me via the about page. Text and images copyright © 2014 John Parker www.desertislandchurch.co.uk.